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Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance

WEFO Online will undergo scheduled maintenance as shown below.

WEFO online is now using a new web address:

Will you please ensure that this address is used in future and your favourites or bookmarks are updated with the new URL.  Alternatively you can note this page.

WEFO Online will undergo scheduled maintenance as below:

Date                                 Between                   Status

23/05/2015 - 25/05/2015     07:00 - 07:00             Red

Amber (Intermittent availability)

During this time access to WEFO ONLINE will be interrupted. Customers will experience some disruption affecting both responses from, and connecting to WEFO ONLINE at intervals throughout this time frame. The length of interruption varies and cannot be predicted accurately.

Amber (Reduced Resilience)

During this time, WEFO Online will be available. However, the service it will be running will be under reduced resilience, meaning some parts of the system do not have failover capabilities and as such there is an increased risk of loss of service.


During this time WEFO ONLINE will be unavailable for the duration of the work. Customers will not be able to download or submit documents, access the expression of interest or delivery profiles or make claims.