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Progress of 2007–2013 programmes

Progress of 2007–2013 programmes

The 2007–2013 European Structural Funds (ESF) programmes are investing in projects that can help achieve sustainable growth and jobs in Wales.

As at 30 April 2015, a total of 290 projects have been approved EU funds of over £1.9 billion, representing a total project investment of £3.7 billion. These will help provide over 26,000 opportunities for businesses and over 650,000 employment and training opportunities for individuals across Wales.

Total expenditure for EU projects is over £2.8bn (EU funds over £1.4bn), based on claims submitted by sponsors and paid by WEFO.

Value of programme investment as at 30 April 2015
(all monetary figures are £m)
Total ERDF programmes ESF programmes
EU funds to Wales 1,782.9 1,060.9 722
Total allocation (inc. match funding) 3,091.1 1,897.2 1,193.9
EU funds committed to EU projects 1,956.9 1,126.5 830.4
Total investment (inc. match funding) 3,705.5 2,240.8


EU funds expenditure claimed by EU projects and paid by WEFO 1.456.0 874 582
Total expenditure by EU projects 2,831.7


n.b. The programmes’ budgets are given in Euros. The pound sterling figures are based on estimates and will vary with changes in the exchange rate during the lifetime of the programmes.

Key output achievements as at 30 April 2015
Output achievement ERDF programmes ESF programmes
Participants assisted n/a 584,950
Participants entering employment n/a 63,375
Participants gaining qualifications n/a


Enterprises assisted 14,955 n/a
Enterprises created 10,451 n/a
Jobs (gross) created


n.b. figures are based on achieved data submitted by project sponsors.

Other programme information, including details of beneficiaries

In line with European Regulations, 2007-2013 programme details of beneficiaries, the names of the projects and the allocation of public funds (both European and National) are also available.

2007-2013 programme information is also available on Project Ideas, Expressions of Interest (EOIs) submitted to WEFO and those under detailed assessment.

For the 2000-2006 programmes, an approved projects (2000-2006) database is available; For 2007-2013 programmes see the 'EU Projects 2007-2013' link on the left hand side.

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